Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Ueno changes

As a Tokyo local, at my school days, friends around me mostly shared the similar memory and understanding and interest to towns in Tokyo. For instance we used to see that Shibuya is a hometown of Kokushikan University that meant never disturb heads of male cheering groups. As time goes by, I am still what I was and am standing and hanging around the same places but people around me has been changing, majority of those who came from other area no longer has the same perspective to Tokyo towns as mine. Yes they no longer hesitate to live towns like Kachidoki, Fukagawa, Hikifune, Minami-Senjyu at all. They just see any towns in terms of nice shops and convenient transportation. OK, Tokyo is Tokyo what they think. Good that dark and damp part of Tokyo inherited from old social system is now gone from people's perspective. Everywhere is and everywhere is clean, sanity and bright white under fluorescent light and offer the same high quality of goods and services at every shop.
So now Ueno too is quietly about change.

Louis Templado of Asahi Shinbun lighted warmly upon the very last moment of old Ueno.

Asahi.com : “Change comes at last to former gateway to the north”

I might be just a nostalgiast. But Tokyo is my only native town. Can't stop feeling that, once again after property bobble period, Tokyo is changing from the town of sequent of own nature and life and history of local people to just one of large towns on the world map to offer job and life to resident.