Thursday, January 15, 2004

Typical unproductive day

I am writing some document which is due tomorrow therefore planed to finish today.
But something is wrong today.

So far

    8:35___ wake up out of some dream, whereas alarm clock was set to 8:00 to wake up at 8:15 for NHK soap drama “Teruteru Kazoku”.
    8:45___ felt my body heavy and still stayed in bed gazing at “Seikatsu hot morning” on NHK, though it’s a time to leave home in my ideally spanning.
    9:15___ dragged out of bed and washed and make up face dully.
    9:30___ stared vacantly at wordrobe for what to ware.
    9:45___ no appointment at work and private, choose casual Morgan sweater and joseph pants.
    9:50 ___ paper garbage is collected once a week on Thursday at my local, so tied up old news papers.
    10:00__ left my flat. My body is still too heavy to ride on my commute bicycle, walked to the station to take train.
    10:25 __ Out from the station.
    10:30 __ looking at MacDonald and thinking of American Beef, had desire to taste American Beef. Stepped into the shop.
    10:35__ eating MacDonald just to confirm I don't like ANY fast food at all.
    10:55 __ left MacDonald.
    11:00__ got my office.
    11:05__ made an instant coffee and have a break anyway.
    11:25 __ made another coffee for extra break.
    11:45 __ made another coffee to feel to start work.
    12:45 __ realized I'm WebRolling for an hour with a coffee.
    13:00__ chatted with colleagues in lunch break.
    13:15 __ some mails came and read them while.
    13:30 __ opened the file I am writing but remembered some mail to write and some job to do.

And so on.
    17:10__ writing blog! and my tongue is still numb from solty Mac fried potatos.