Tuesday, January 20, 2004

SPA! says

from SPA Report of 1/27 edition. (SPA is a weekly magazine representing Japanese working men in 20’s and 30’s ‘s voice.)

Better not married for guys in 20's and 30's guys.
marriage means little pocket money, life become sucked and controlled.

Psychologist Chikako Ogura said in her book about growing tendency to put off marriage in Japan, there is new wannabe-house-wife syndrome among young Japanese women. Their ideal life is that husband has all financial responsibility, she has some valiant job from her hobby, house keeping and parenting children must share equally with husband and after children grows must make self-fulfillment with husband’s financial backup. For a view of men who work at uncertain job circumstance ever, marriage to such women means money and life are sucked and controlled by wife and still have to devote more to his wife. Is it the marriage men want? What a point for men to have dependant marriage?

Here again MONEY is matter of love and marriage for a point of Japanese young guys. Though good that men have questioned it. It is true that not only those dreaming Martha Stewart type, but also majority of young women who well educated and seek self-fulfillment have relatively week interest in taking real responsibility like financial matter.

Anyway Ogura-san has well described such women. Plus what Ogura-san did not point, is that those women has a joker that is a marriage to foreign guy!! (This case money is no longer matter)