Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Omotesando shopping

Passing by Omotesando street yesterday, chill air made me think of a new winter coat and bold red letters "Sale Sale Sale" on the window of every shops invited me so strong that I couldn't resist it.

Recent Omotesando, private unique shops have been wiped away and there lines world dominant fashion brands shops such as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vitton, Armani,etc,,,, in sum typical high street shops seen any major cities in the world. Ah what reason they have to be at Omotesando! But if I go to those bland shops I prefer to go to not Omotesando shops but Ginza shops for stress free with some reason.

Unlike Ginza shops or other shops in the world, at Omotesando street, not small population of shopper with me at shops is young baby-type lady with her boyfriend. I know what to buy and ware is their choice ..but the scene annoyed me is like:
find nice one at Sale which seems fit me but still pretty expensive even for me who has equal income as men in my age and has no one to sustain, my thought oscillats to buy or not checking all my wardrobe items and all my money spending plans in near feature etc for certain time that a shop assistant turns away, finally decide to give up with struggle and left it from my hand. Then a moment later, one of those young lady with her boyfriend picks very that one up casually coos to her boyfriend standing in some distance that I want this one and he says OK and makes payment.

Hey, I mean it's not about jealousy to young lady. And I don’t care if they were typical young girl and sugar daddy shopping. am not a bint.
What touch my nerve is that most of those boyfriends are their 20's or 30's, not paying for his lover but single guys buying present to keep his girlfriend or wife in future. They look rather successful but sure majority has income not very higher than mine. From a point of her boyfriend to pay for that cloth which I who can spend all my income for myself hesitate with its price means he must be saving somehow and somewhat for his own expense. Poor men. Many Japanese men in his late 30's and 40's are still be tainted by greed developed during bubble period and seems to see the way to get girlfriend is to present posh brands bags and shoes and clothes lots and to take her to posh restaurants. Of course I love to have presents, but never the purpose. What enjoy is presenter’s taste and mind to choose it for me. Indeed imitating dirty old man from younger age, and no power left to develop own taste and culture, how they could become sexy men? Poor men and so to women who seeks a boyfriend not for his wallet but to love and to have exciting talk