Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Office life

Got an e-mail at office titled "For Women stuff" last night. It was sent from a female colleague of such age that her child is already University student, a leader of some section of general affairs division, to all the women stuffs of no matter of job title and position but in few floors of building she is concerning. In her mail, she says "in order to get more confident place for women worker" and suggested three rules that;

1 Do not Make-up and Mouth wash at Ladies within office hour.
2 Do not Make-up too frequently at office.
3 If go to neighborhood convenience store in office hour, ask boss the permission to go out. (she really use the word "permission"!)

At a glance, almost thought it was joke. Come on. It's 21 century. And woman needs rule to restrict make-up and mouth-wash hour at ladies to be a confident worker?? Woman needs rule to ask (male) boss permission of everything to be a confident worker?? Woman is a kid??But the mail sounded serious and also very commanding. She really believes in so.

Nearly 20 yeas has spent since the Equal Employment Opportunity Law between men and women was introduced in Japan, here still is a remnant of old view holder within women workers, of days that women workers in office meant assistants to male workers. It's easy to say that she is old-fogy, but I rather see how difficult for ordinary people to catch up and update. Those people who dose not enjoy adventure of catching up as a life. Why is it difficult for her? Why couldn't she realize change of women's work style within the office? Why can't she have interest in seeing change of women's work style? Lots to observe her.

Anyway I immediately wrote her back by "Reply to All" that although grooming in Toilet and going shopping in office hour are not recommended, these cases are applied to men and women therefore no reason that only women have any rules and say to ALL stuff if they are so important rules. Hope she dose not take it emotional.