Thursday, January 08, 2004


Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit" made landing on Mars at 4th of Jan for searching what is and lives on Mars and already has been sending NASA the color images of the surface of MARS real time. Good they are (even real time images are) available to watch anytime over Internet.

And Mars! Mars has been a name that which rouse our imagination toward cosmos. People used to be enthusiastic to discuss if there is ever Martian living in Mars or at least any life on Mars. My future Dream in 21st century at my childhood was a Mars base astronaut exploring outside our Solar system. Seems I was beleaving human being would be settling down at Mars and adventuring for further in 21st century.(maybe influence of some SF stories) Yes, many great SF story tellers and illustrators had inspiration from Mars and gave us great work! Even my low-spec memory,,,,,,anythig about Mars, Mars,,,,..M&M Chocolate Yummy! Mars Bar, Yes, typical Martian image from "Mars' Attack" of Tim Burton, beautiful Odyssey "The Martian Chronicles" of Ray Bradbury, classic "the War of the Worlds" of HG Wells or modern "Total Recall", can't miss "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars" of David Bowie and as a Japanese girl, yes “Star Red” of comic writer Moto Hagio was my favorite!!

My head is thinking that the news that Spirit made it right after Japanese Mars probe "Nozomi" 's fail must be exciting.
Yet gazing the image of the Mars on TV screen of PC monitor over and over hardly turn on me. What became of me? When people saw an image of human being standing on Moon on TV first time, people must get excited with the picture!! Then why me not this time? As just picture matter, photo technique of Mars image is really bad quality. Picture of South American desert taken by professional photographer could be much wonderful. Even images of recent games have high quality. Picture of Sept 11 or Iraq War ever has much stimulation to our view to the World.

I understand well in my head that the exploration on Mars has great meaning in science research, game is fantasy and war is death and ruin. But somehow it made me feel uncertain that my sense of feeling against images from TV screen or PC monitor which is the majority these days are really OK or ,,,,,,,,,,,,horror to think: