Friday, January 30, 2004

Fu! Fu! Fu!

is my smiling. Can't stop smiling Fu, Fu, Fu, that I am about to finish reading the last volume "Return of the King" of Lord of the Rings. Only the last section left!! Will be finish this weekend! I mean I am reading it in English edition. Was not easy task for straw head like me to read foreign language books of such volume.

Indeed, back to the last century, it was 1998 when I spotted a news that Director Peter Jackson was filming LOTR originally due open in winter 1999. I did not know LOTR at the time but some magic worked on me to incline to read the story and read it in original English.(Japanese edition which seemed to be translated by old scholar of English literature did not sound alive at all.) Think this is my re-communication to English language, which reads to current writing my blog in English. Thank Peter Jackson launched each installment of LOTR good pace to me to finish reading each volume right before each LOTR opened.

Like long and hard marathon, the happiest of the happiest moment is right before passing the goal line. Heart has lighted as entering the last lap out of discouraging after discouraging during long lonely run, now with each steps hope grows brighter and brighter, here come to last very few steps!! Almost certain that the goal is at my hands. Yes! such the brightest moment !!!Fu,Fu,Fu,Fu...
Once passed the goal and stopped, I know would breath shorts, body starts to feel sweat and in pain, reflection of the race come up in mind and the next harder race begins. Must indulge this very moment right now.

Saved a fortnight before cinema opens on 14th Feb in Japan, seems got to study before going the cinema check.