Sunday, January 11, 2004

Dream Gate

Last night, was having a talk with a head of some career consultant firm who kicked me into the company I am currently working and somehow keeps in touch, and heard about this project. He is busy business person running own firm and head hunting for clients but is recently enjoying working for this project as one of professional supporters and sees this project worth to concern!

It was my first time to hard about this project!! This project,
Dream Gate is a governmental support project to facilitate entrepreneurship in Japan.
(English detail is here) With new Law for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprise Challenges introduced last year which enabled to start business with 1 yen in capital first time in Japan, this program means to help people feel easier to get benefit of this law.

Indeed this is excellent community site I've hardly seen. It has 61 mailing lists and 500 BBSs to discuss users for variety of topics concerning to start types of own business( shop, SOHO, venture company, etc) and 160 professionals are there for giving private advice in variety area of accounting, management, law, finance, patentee and etc, and plenty of information, seminar, book fair etc. It says this program is aiming to appeal for people to realize there is a life other than employee of some company. I agree with it. Japanese in majority needs to aware that there is life other than just performing exactly what told to do by their bosses and don’t do what not told to do.

Anyway anybody who understands Japanese and has pa plan to start business in Japan is highly recommended to check this program.