Wednesday, December 03, 2003

No sit back!

Working for this old-type listed Japanese company for over 2 years, first time expressed within an e-mail to my boss that I am having discomfort to see and hear things in a category of sexual harassment in our workplace choosing words carefully not to sound opposing or enraging but just expressing.

People has no sexual purpose but is basing on world-wide traditional office style that male workers work and sustain wives and children and (young) female workers just assist male in office. It was my exercise to express that it's no longer acceptable for example that still some males workers call female workers "girls".

Unfortunate is am not achiving good close relationship with my boss (as he is one of those) therefore being not to free from any fear that he might took my words too extreme. Though will be OK as it's few months after sexual harassment class was hold in the company according to company's "COMPLIANCE" (though attended was about 10 out of 8-900!) and I alone am concerning 3 projects so hopefully can not be fired soon. Can sit back and relax and think next fan.