Friday, December 26, 2003

man confident of himself

Film Director Shohei Imamura is currently writing on Nikkei newspaper’s famous column series "my CV" (watashi no rirekisyo) at which top class artist, politician and managers tells their life and carrier. His telling early filming carrier touched me something for my bogging.

I knew Director Imamura's early documentary films was sensational but never had a chance to watch any. "A Man Vanishes" in 1967.... was a documentary of a woman searching her vanished fiancée. Director Imamura's passion of filming real person in documentary film was so enormous that he shadowed her, secretly filmed her private and filmed even very moment that she was confessing her love to a co-actor and had a broken heart. Off course using his words, she was running out from preview room and said she would sue him but didn't.
As a modern coward, the first word comes to my mind was "stalker"... but moment later realized that compared with his passion and his self confidence, such word dose not sound power at all. Director Imamura was confident of what he was chasing for his art, which has no comparability with what other might do and think. That's all.