Thursday, December 18, 2003


I am sorry to hear that MMO Japan who runs "Filerogue" a Japanese P2P service was sentenced of service termination and fine of 71,000,000 yen for piracy of music followed by January judgment at Tokyo District Court yesterday. P2P technology itself is an interesting technical technology and there is nothing wrong about offering some business service using P2P technology. There has been lots discussions about file-sharing already since Napster so am not gonna to repeat. But one reason I think from different point of view is that their business did not support Win-Win model. There might have been Win-win model between them who offer the service and users of their service. But offered WIN-LOSS model to music and media industry who have been suffering revenue decrease from illegal media copy and network industry for whom unexpected increase of network usage caused by file-sharing means increase of internet network maintenance cost. Jabs from those were quite expectable as nobody want to lose.
If only they could present Win-Win model with music industry and network management people, they did not necessary to fight until one got lose but use such energy to find someway to develop accepted file-sharing business and I could enjoy with their service.