Thursday, December 11, 2003

Bounenkai Bounenkai Bounenkai

Just read a couple of essays (in Japanese) about bounenkai mentioning that Bounenkai is Japanese original culture. American and European dose not have Bounenkai. no care. kind of things likely "Japan must be special" people says. We have Bounenkai and Christian countries have X'mas parties and so on. Interesting is many cultures like to have excuse to gather, eat and drink with joy this season days around day is the shortest and night is the longest..... Although these days I can not feel it's the same winter time as I felt when I was small kid in Tokyo. The reason might be because I am getting old or because of the result of global warming. Whatever is, in this modern world, moving around on glove is one way to change the circumstance and sticking one place still suffer from the fast age shift. What's an interesting age I am living.
Infobar, thinking to buy or not to lovely!! One reason I don't want to live outside Japan is high difficulty to find smart design mobile phone for me...