Sunday, December 21, 2003

The best Italian restraint in Tokyo

Friday night Bounenkai with a friend at AZ, Italian wine bar, was woooonderful. This small bar has no menu. Sitting at a counter, talked to a master our like and dislike and how much want to eat and drink, he selected foods and glass wines which matches food the best with his guide talk about them and they were good! Bill wasn't cheap (because we had lots. AZ welcomes for just a glass of wine too) but reasonable compared with plenty of posh imitating-Italian restraint in Tokyo.

Somewhere among endless women chat there, she was talking about interesting thing. A friend of her who has been living abroad long and now lives with her Spanish husband in Spain is going to start her business based on her theory for Japanese women about how to find and get foreign men. Muu Her friend thinks it could be potential business. Muuuunn it could be business then to teach ordinary Japanese people about how to communicate and develop true friendship with foreigners in daily base. I know many Japanese says want to meet foreigners other than at bar or club yet too shy to talk when they happen to meet daily places. The best they could do is feeding Language schools for such a dream.