Tuesday, December 30, 2003

2004 will be

THis is year 2003 predicted by Metropolis astrologer Cathryn Moe at the end of year 2002.

Reflecting this year back for anyone agree with then Year 2004 is here gose.

I'm Scorpio
My year 2003 was:

2003 is a year of change and decision for you. January sees Mars and Venus move from your Sign to your solar second house of finances. You have insight and the desire to act on your financial hunches, and you're correct to do so. In March, Uranus enters your solar fifth house of romance, creativity and children. Expect news you hear to continually change as information is shared. The Lunar Eclipse on May 16 is especially important for you, Scorpio. It occurs in Taurus, opposite your Sign. Partnerships, both marriage and business, are featured. What is set in motion during this time takes on a greater importance as the year progresses. Jupiter enters your sector of friends and group activities beginning August 27. You're able to enjoy yourself with more freedom during Autumn. Work takes on a new dimension in October. As the holidays draw near, going to the theater, seeing films, and dancing are all part of your outreach strategy to increase your sparkle.

Muuu and year 2004 will be
2004 will move at a rapid pace just like 2003 did for you, but in a different way. Finally, the things you created to keep yourself slightly out-of-control (but you didn't know it at the time) move into a more balanced state. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on January 15 sets your pulse racing as it cruises through your romance sector. Yes, you could meet (or re-meet) that special someone you just can't stop thinking about. Mars plays tricks on you this year as it enters your solar ninth house on May 7. Suddenly you feel energized to travel - for love, for adventure, and to broaden what could seem like a life that has become too small for you. Career and personal interests clash when Venus enters Cancer on August 7. Although you'll receive recognition and kudos, how will you prioritize what works best for you? November and December brings a new focus. Your choices-career, romance, or the chance to start a new family! Can you do it all?