Tuesday, December 30, 2003

2004 will be

THis is year 2003 predicted by Metropolis astrologer Cathryn Moe at the end of year 2002.

Reflecting this year back for anyone agree with then Year 2004 is here gose.

I'm Scorpio
My year 2003 was:

2003 is a year of change and decision for you. January sees Mars and Venus move from your Sign to your solar second house of finances. You have insight and the desire to act on your financial hunches, and you're correct to do so. In March, Uranus enters your solar fifth house of romance, creativity and children. Expect news you hear to continually change as information is shared. The Lunar Eclipse on May 16 is especially important for you, Scorpio. It occurs in Taurus, opposite your Sign. Partnerships, both marriage and business, are featured. What is set in motion during this time takes on a greater importance as the year progresses. Jupiter enters your sector of friends and group activities beginning August 27. You're able to enjoy yourself with more freedom during Autumn. Work takes on a new dimension in October. As the holidays draw near, going to the theater, seeing films, and dancing are all part of your outreach strategy to increase your sparkle.

Muuu and year 2004 will be
2004 will move at a rapid pace just like 2003 did for you, but in a different way. Finally, the things you created to keep yourself slightly out-of-control (but you didn't know it at the time) move into a more balanced state. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on January 15 sets your pulse racing as it cruises through your romance sector. Yes, you could meet (or re-meet) that special someone you just can't stop thinking about. Mars plays tricks on you this year as it enters your solar ninth house on May 7. Suddenly you feel energized to travel - for love, for adventure, and to broaden what could seem like a life that has become too small for you. Career and personal interests clash when Venus enters Cancer on August 7. Although you'll receive recognition and kudos, how will you prioritize what works best for you? November and December brings a new focus. Your choices-career, romance, or the chance to start a new family! Can you do it all?

CINEMA : The Last Samurai

It's might be bit late to comment by now, but anyway eventually watched The Last Samurai.
I am surprised I mostly enjoyed with this film (except last few scenes as pointed by many). But surprised? Might be surprised because this Hollywood blockbuster movie of Samurai epic pictured Samurai life and spirit in acceptable level by eyes of native Japanese. Or surprised because I had no problem to watch the film having the same eyes and feel as eyes of American Tom Crouse watching Samurai spirit and felt their losing.

In fact Katsumoto was an elite Samurai who had privilege to teach to Emperor among majority of Samurais at the end of Edo era who were no more than servants of rigid government and suffering from neediness yet had no way to change their job. Katsumoto's village could be special rich to develop Samurai spirits without fear of hunger. Anyway as Nathan was moved, what I was moved most in this film was their discipline, honor and devotion etc through daily life in their village, which I must think lost forever already and things modern people eager to search; some goes to higher and higher education, some reads piles of self-help books, some goes to yoga or some meditation, some become religious and in modern Japan, what foreigner said could easily be guideline too. Japanese Samurai had own spirit for self-development which was born and grown naturally through their life through 1000 years time but it was Samurai's decision to deny their old spirit and change to so-called western way. Then it was after World War 2 when Samurai spirit really died away and it's only fifty some years after death of a thousand year spirit. No wonder Japan is still like lost child.

(It's not so far time indeed. My mom's ancestor was honored Samurai though the family failed to fit change and lost everything. I used to hear from my mom that mom used to hear from her grandma how Samurai and his Load’s life was.)

Friday, December 26, 2003

man confident of himself

Film Director Shohei Imamura is currently writing on Nikkei newspaper’s famous column series "my CV" (watashi no rirekisyo) at which top class artist, politician and managers tells their life and carrier. His telling early filming carrier touched me something for my bogging.

I knew Director Imamura's early documentary films was sensational but never had a chance to watch any. "A Man Vanishes" in 1967.... was a documentary of a woman searching her vanished fiancée. Director Imamura's passion of filming real person in documentary film was so enormous that he shadowed her, secretly filmed her private and filmed even very moment that she was confessing her love to a co-actor and had a broken heart. Off course using his words, she was running out from preview room and said she would sue him but didn't.
As a modern coward, the first word comes to my mind was "stalker"... but moment later realized that compared with his passion and his self confidence, such word dose not sound power at all. Director Imamura was confident of what he was chasing for his art, which has no comparability with what other might do and think. That's all.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

X'mas gift

Time to say Happy Xmas! Hear the best funny X’mas news;

At Nagoya at 23rd evening, 26 years old guy threw one-dollar bills worth one million yen and some old 100 yen-notes from Nagoya tower balcony over crowded street. He said later he wanted return money he gained from stock trading to the society. It's a part of benefit from selling 6 million of Ashikaga financial group share at about 15 yen, which he bought at 1,2. He already has over 100 million yen fortune so few million yen means nothing anyway he feels having such a big money in his age meant boring. So planed for giving this Xmas gift.…... The best fool I like…..

Sunday, December 21, 2003

The best Italian restraint in Tokyo

Friday night Bounenkai with a friend at AZ, Italian wine bar, was woooonderful. This small bar has no menu. Sitting at a counter, talked to a master our like and dislike and how much want to eat and drink, he selected foods and glass wines which matches food the best with his guide talk about them and they were good! Bill wasn't cheap (because we had lots. AZ welcomes for just a glass of wine too) but reasonable compared with plenty of posh imitating-Italian restraint in Tokyo.

Somewhere among endless women chat there, she was talking about interesting thing. A friend of her who has been living abroad long and now lives with her Spanish husband in Spain is going to start her business based on her theory for Japanese women about how to find and get foreign men. Muu Her friend thinks it could be potential business. Muuuunn it could be business then to teach ordinary Japanese people about how to communicate and develop true friendship with foreigners in daily base. I know many Japanese says want to meet foreigners other than at bar or club yet too shy to talk when they happen to meet daily places. The best they could do is feeding Language schools for such a dream.

Thursday, December 18, 2003


First time I picked up some familiar scribble, which is inserted in Matt's intelligent writing!! (Never read back my own blog so far otherwise will be urged to correct my bad English endlessly.)

Find a new Murphy's Law now here; whenever one speaks something critical, it is heard by sensible people who dose not necessary to hear it and is NEVER heard by people one meant to point one's word...... (No! can't make it Law! How nightmare idea is that parents and employers find some writing which was never expected them to read! Though this is one of reason I write my blog in English. If they found mine, they would give up reading my bad English! Ha ha!)


I am sorry to hear that MMO Japan who runs "Filerogue" a Japanese P2P service was sentenced of service termination and fine of 71,000,000 yen for piracy of music followed by January judgment at Tokyo District Court yesterday. P2P technology itself is an interesting technical technology and there is nothing wrong about offering some business service using P2P technology. There has been lots discussions about file-sharing already since Napster so am not gonna to repeat. But one reason I think from different point of view is that their business did not support Win-Win model. There might have been Win-win model between them who offer the service and users of their service. But offered WIN-LOSS model to music and media industry who have been suffering revenue decrease from illegal media copy and network industry for whom unexpected increase of network usage caused by file-sharing means increase of internet network maintenance cost. Jabs from those were quite expectable as nobody want to lose.
If only they could present Win-Win model with music industry and network management people, they did not necessary to fight until one got lose but use such energy to find someway to develop accepted file-sharing business and I could enjoy with their service.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

My New Manner

Eventually it's sunny, dry, windy and cold Tokyo day today!! This is typical Tokyo winter day of my childhood.

BTW between drunk and sleep these days, something I am dreaming of thinking of.
It was one day in last week, was having lunch at an Indian restaurant run by Indian and there came in a group of English speaking foreigners in the restaurant and seated a table behind me. They were enthusiastic in chatting in loud voices that I was unable not to listen them and to understand they were teaching something at separate high schools over some years and discussing who's school was the best in terms of payment, work hours and hardness.
Then a young Indian waiter came round their table for taking order. Wile telling him orders they also asked him "How long are you staying in Japan?" and "Do you like Japan" , he replied "1 year" and "No" then returned to the kitchen. His reply naturally caused them gave them to discuss about "how weird Japan and Japanese are" stuffs more enthusiastically for a while.

Well I don't care such talk as don't know anywhere not weird place on the globe.
Fascinated me this time was then, if they knew or cared someone Japanese in the restaurant understood what their talking in English or not. As they were talking not particular persons they knew but general Japan and Japanese stuffs their words included every Japanese customers in the restaurant.

When I stayed in UK, well….must admit that I used talk lots "how weird" stuff with Japanese friends in Japanese anywhere public places like in subway, at cafe, on crowded street, etc. We did not care people around here us because we knew it was unlikely to be understood fully our conversation in Japanese. Even in case someone might know Japanese, we created many secret codes such as; Tea people for British, Foue Gras People for French and so on.

It was natural to me (and friends) that keeping our true feeling. I mean "Honne".. within our group and not show it outside people. When we got to speak to non-Japanese in English, would probably spoke things we think it sounds good to hear for them..."Tatemae" which might be different from “Honne” Of course, more or less it is manner of any languages to choose appropriate topics for the situation. But It’s so easy to go too far with a help of language barrier. Care could be easily dropped off and used Japanese for "Honne" and English for "Tatemae", as perfectly preserving double standard of "Honne" and "Tatema"!!

Just remembered one Japanese lady proudly talked me in London that when she got irritated by local English, she would say " dumb " in Japanese with her best smile and they never realized it!!!

Anyway as long as I do not take foreign language for a "Honne", it is not suppressing that I had difficulty to express simple "Honne" things of casual talks in English even with years of study. And suffered difficulty to communicate to non-Japanese people whereas many other language speakers communicate well by bad English in short time.

Also I think that it is unfair that, say, I hide my "Honne" within my Japanese and listen native English speaker's "Honne" in English. And as they accept "International English" for tell and hear "Honne", it's the best mannerly to speak "Honne" equally both in Japanese and in English. So am gonna to try…………………

Monday, December 15, 2003


O! well...was writing something up but reminded of “How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog” before publishing.

Anyway in sum, I use blogger.com and blogger.com seems encrypt login information. Also use a traffic counter "stats.blogger.com" which is official of blogger.com and therefore share the same login name and password. Now realized that stats.blogger.com dose not encrypt login information. Bare login name and password are running through savage world of network with the URL name so obvious as "login-action".
Must report to stats.blogger.com.

Friday, December 12, 2003

Then it’s occasionally rainy and freezing cold today as if winter in London. Nooo, winter Tokyo I miss is sunny and dry windy cold. Come back "Matasaburou of the Wind"

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Bounenkai Bounenkai Bounenkai

Just read a couple of essays (in Japanese) about bounenkai mentioning that Bounenkai is Japanese original culture. American and European dose not have Bounenkai. no care. kind of things likely "Japan must be special" people says. We have Bounenkai and Christian countries have X'mas parties and so on. Interesting is many cultures like to have excuse to gather, eat and drink with joy this season days around day is the shortest and night is the longest..... Although these days I can not feel it's the same winter time as I felt when I was small kid in Tokyo. The reason might be because I am getting old or because of the result of global warming. Whatever is, in this modern world, moving around on glove is one way to change the circumstance and sticking one place still suffer from the fast age shift. What's an interesting age I am living.
Infobar, thinking to buy or not to buy........so lovely!! One reason I don't want to live outside Japan is high difficulty to find smart design mobile phone for me...

Friday, December 05, 2003

Win & Win

(sasakisan,someone, Torin)
Had a chance to see Ms. Kaori Sasaki with her photojournalist friend Mr.Torin Boyd at e-woman.

Sasaki-san published the rule of "give and given" in contrast to ordinarily "give and take" in 97' and of "win-win". The first one says "I give and You give" the second says " I win and You win". They make sense that it dose not mean to suck someone else to develop and win in life and business. Rather it is possible to model that I first give positive then you give positive and positive interaction results in I win and you win. What a beautiful idea she has! And indeed she was so comfortable person with firm space to accept other people's giving.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

No sit back!

Working for this old-type listed Japanese company for over 2 years, first time expressed within an e-mail to my boss that I am having discomfort to see and hear things in a category of sexual harassment in our workplace choosing words carefully not to sound opposing or enraging but just expressing.

People has no sexual purpose but is basing on world-wide traditional office style that male workers work and sustain wives and children and (young) female workers just assist male in office. It was my exercise to express that it's no longer acceptable for example that still some males workers call female workers "girls".

Unfortunate is am not achiving good close relationship with my boss (as he is one of those) therefore being not to free from any fear that he might took my words too extreme. Though will be OK as it's few months after sexual harassment class was hold in the company according to company's "COMPLIANCE" (though attended was about 10 out of 8-900!) and I alone am concerning 3 projects so hopefully can not be fired soon. Can sit back and relax and think next fan.