Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Relaxed weekend + national holiday

Er, awoke to find it was already getting dark and chilly, gave up all plans I planed to do over weekend. I really love late Autumn...
On holiday Monday what woke me up at 3:00 pm was my mum bellowing from answer phone that she is coming around my flat to leave some veggies she grew on the way to or from somewhere!!!! So dashed away from my room or caught once by my mom, she would ask me (means order me) to eat out with her, which means I take her to some fantastic trendy restatement she dreams to be taken by her daughter according to the relationship she dreams to have with her daughter..
I often envy those whose parents’ lives far away. I gave her a dog a motor bicycle when
I parent house to live alone, and she found allotment garden to go with her dog by her bicycle for some garden vegetables and found to call me to come home to see her dog and to come around to give me vegetables…

Coming back to my room hours later to find a boxful of 4 large white radishes and large bunch of green leaves and some more.....I had lots of white radishes she left last winter so need new recipe to feel appetite them. Mmmmmmmmmmm… Steamed / Pan Fried turnip Cake is yummy and looks not so difficult!