Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Pumpkin cooking

Until I had these pumpkins, pumpkin I knew was brown-orange vegetable to eat sold at grocery.. Am the last one who can cast eatable food away without guilt feeling, so I was sure to be going to cook it even though American friend of mine looked at me as if some alien when I asked how to cook and eat Halloween pumpkin.

Mmmm.....cutting the pumpkin for stewing in Japanese style to fined WAW! empty inside and yellow-fleshed!!......ahaaaaaaaa...far from appetizing...... Changed my mind to cook pumpkin soup...ahaaaaaaaa... this pumpkin skin had no taste!! Adding lots sugar in desperation, realized it was gonna to sweet like pumpkin pie. Yes, Pumpkin Pie! So adding egg and curry powder (only spice I had) and letting sit in oven for while, OK, had yummy yummy "mock" pumpkin pie. (with toast instead of Pie sheet.)