Sunday, November 02, 2003

Prime Minister Speech

Although at any rate I am the last person to support the war and therefore I don't support anyone who supports person supporting the war, passing Shinjuku street near Yotsuya this afternoon, had a chance to listen speech of Mr. Koizumi, the prime minister of Japan, for coming election campaign.
He dose not mention much about his political plan as always, but says;
" Look Matsui, Ichiro, Nomo, they made great success in American."
(Yes they did...and are they something to do with your politics??)
"Japan's economy is recovering"
(Yes it is......after painstaking redundancy of many companies....)
"You know I am accused of not rising the VAT rate."
(Yes you are.....but it's the matter of inside your party.)
No matter how weird, just keeping to say what people think yes is the way to become the most popular prime minister in Japan.