Friday, November 21, 2003

Made of Straw

think sometime I know my head is made of straw, but now it's "often"

Last Sunday night, watched an ascetic monk training to Ajyari-san on NHK TV with strong impression. Ajyari is a name given to Tantric Buddhism monk completed 1000days Kaiho-do ascetic training of 30km walk in Mt. Hiei without interval for 1000days plus 9 days no food, no water, no sleep, no rest but reading scriptures.. I saw his eyes became empty as training went longer windows reflecting inside himself...

This morning, had an e-mail from my old friend and suddenly remembered that yes, I've seen this Ajyari guy with her some years ago. How could I forget it???

It was the year Okada-Japan national football team fighted for France in Asia tournament. She, my colleague holding JR Tokai Kyoto Club membership was looking for someone to go with her to an exclusive Kyoto tour for JR Tokai Kyoto Club member only called "experience Kaiho-do led by Ajyari-san" tour and was me who put hand up for just "exclusive something" not knowing deeply Kaiho-do and Ajyari-san. ( Seems JR Tokai Kyoto Club is offering many exclusively experience something in Kyoto tour.) This tour included one night stay at Mt. Hiei temple, dinner and breakfast in monk style, and wolking Kaiho-do course with Ajyari-san and was cheaper than one night stay at hotel.

Member of the tour was thirty-something people? mainly aged 40 - 50, quite religious but us who were only young other than few who came with their mothers .. Waking up 1:00am to have few rice bowls for breakfast and departing the temple 2:00am, Ajyari-san kept talking something on the way walking around in Mt. Hiei.....might be treasuring religious revelation.. but no space for listening his words to me because was so tough to walk in the dark mountain and was so sleepy for waking up time I go to bed that needed my concentration not to step out of cliffs. Eventually we came to destination somewhere top mountain and hard his talk again but was totally out of breath and tour was over.
Ah, if only I had watched this Ajyari guy on training on TV before this tour, I must have heard his talk much keener and would not forget him. I have no special religion bat value people having own faith.