Thursday, November 20, 2003

Lady Joker in filming

"Lady Joker" a best-selling crime novel written by Kaoru Takamura, on of the best female writer in Japan, is now to be shot by Director Hideyuki Hirayama, starling with Tetuya Watari (Monoi-san) and new guy called Satoshi Tokushige, only 25 year old (Aida).
The story is, obviously hinted by Japan's Glico-Morinaga case , that a CEO of major brewery was kidnapped to be told the hostage was beverage and released, followed by lots dramas of kidnapped CEO, the brewery company, kidnappers, police, detectives and journalists...
Well plotted story though what outstanding of Takamura novels is every characters are obsessed and profound, reflected something deep in one's inner spirit. Mark's Mountain was disappoiting to me.
Hope those deep and dark sides are reflected in the cinema version this time.

Well, Another reason I concern this is because I just remembered that one dark and obsessed novel, Interview with the Vampire of Ann Rice was filmized to turn to Hollywood Entertainment horror by Warner Studios.