Friday, November 28, 2003

Feeling Late Autumn

Gonna to write " No new year card I am in mourning" card this weekend so that it can be reached before people writes (prints) new year card to me, as my grand mother died of old age at 97 early this year. Morning period of grand children is a half a year, which is already over, but just follow the custom that no new year card for next year of relatives death otherwise will have annual last minutes panic to design and write new year card after X'mas...

It’s time to reflect old friends in address book and old cards and letters, though my hands stopped as my eyes caught this silly card..………...hahaha…..…..
think it's nearly 10 years old card. (can see it's age from faces on the terrace). I and a friend of mine were strolling around Piccadilly Circus in London, found this card at some ordinary card shop (maybe one in Trocadero), and no hesitation to buy it and exchange it together! Well, It's not about illustration, just love that somebody thought to illustrate and really illustrate it and someone had a go to at printing for commercial purpose and someone decided to sell it!

(Silly.......And add blur as am not sure current obscene standard in Japan. )

On the other hand in Japan, reminds me is Mr. Okuzaki of "The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On", who scattered collaged porno pictures with Japanese royal family faces on it over streets from the roof of department stores and sentenced 1 year and 2 months in jail for charge of obscenity.…..Though very difference is he was dead serious with political purpose.…..