Sunday, November 09, 2003

Election Day

Just come back from voting of Lower House election of Japan today. There wasn't long queue at this small vote room of Shibuya-ku, so was easy job to pop in there, filled one person's name for single-seat constituency and one party's name for proportional representation in a couple of small papers and slip them in boxes. (Plus another paper and box for national review of the judges of the Supreme Court, but nothing to do as I know nobody of top court's justices.)
The result will be clear by tomorrow morning.
Irony of this election was, young resistance force against outdated system was adverted by Mr. Koizumi whereas Mr. Kan of Minsyu-to tagged with Mr. Ozawa (bolted out from LDP to form Sinsei-to turned Sinsin-to turned Jiyu-to and joined Minsyu-to for this election..) failed to promote smart promo words. Mr. Kan, Mr. Ozawa and Mrs.Doi of Syamin-to have been on stage years of political turmoil and are still there as leaders.
Watching broadcasts of partyfs political opinions, Minsyu-to and Syamin-to were talking just some detail thing they do such as making highway free and securing national pension system but failed to announce new clear view of their political direction even when they took coalition majority...
As always be Japan, no war! no Koizumi!...But who else could take the role of leader of Japan??