Thursday, November 06, 2003

CINEMA : Kill Bill Vol.1

It's coooooooooool Quentin Tarantino's sense of style.
And Ha ha ha! Uma THURMAN and Lucy LIU make conversation in Japanese!
Admirable for eyes of Japanese was Tarantino has deep understanding of Japanese B-class "Cyanbara" (Sword fight play). I must say that I had been so used that gang band were swept by the sword of hero and fade away in "Cyanbara" play, but the real was, as he shot, that blood spews out, parts of body are scattered and cut people groans loud. Along with stylish action, adding humanity touch was Uma Thurman’s facial expression that swung sensitively between strong willed and heart-hurt sensitive women.

Lucy LIU ‘s character was half Japanese and half Chinese American boss if Tokyo Mafia. She had two close aides; one was a half Japanese and half French lawyer woman and other was a mad high school girl (dedicated to Director Fukasawa? driven by understandable girlish anger.). Seems no Japanese women other than high school girl had appeal to Tarantino.