Wednesday, November 12, 2003

After Election Comments

Back from exhausted feeling last some days I had....
The outcome of the election was almost as I guessed. After narrow victory of the LDP on Monday morning, LDP merged Hosyu Shin-to (whose party-leader Kumagai was defeated) to make absolute majority. Many mavericks and small parties have been swallowed up after election shamelessly regardless of their election promises. This election is said the first time election with "election manifesto". The first time we are supposed to watch and measure politics based on "manifest" proposed during their election campaign. Although the governors of well-known high-tech Japan are so cool that they bans for parties from showing up their manifestos on the web. Good job. Wonder manifestos will be on the web after election so that we can check anytime we likes.

Another remark of this election was downfall of Syamin-to and Japan Communist party
who had backup by labor unions. Shamin-to which once rolled as one of two major parties to produce prime minister looks totally lost. It's clear that they are failing generation change as lots Japanese companies are failing even under storm of redundancy today. During and After election, I was impressed by Otaka-san (the leader Doi)'s tired but stubborn face as I see this face on many upper-middle aged Japanese salarymen who seems to think important themselves in the situation whereas I judge out-dated at first glance and think how to avoid those,,,in my office, business partners and elsewhere. I send cheers to Otaka-san though I don't support her.