Sunday, November 30, 2003

Design Festa

Had a chance to pop in to Design Festa Gallery for young photographer Inaba-san's photo exhibition "Summer Tree". Design Festa Gallery which was converted from ex gaijin house some years ago has such strong dazzling beam of young art power to my old body...(hell).. but actually run by a hippy woman from flower movement days. How admirable she still keeps such powerful energy not only for herself but also for shearing with young generation?(with sense that kitchen and bath room with bath tub and shower are still left in working condition so that artist from far can stay there..) A deep tolerant world of Harajyuku.

Friday, November 28, 2003

Feeling Late Autumn

Gonna to write " No new year card I am in mourning" card this weekend so that it can be reached before people writes (prints) new year card to me, as my grand mother died of old age at 97 early this year. Morning period of grand children is a half a year, which is already over, but just follow the custom that no new year card for next year of relatives death otherwise will have annual last minutes panic to design and write new year card after X'mas...

It’s time to reflect old friends in address book and old cards and letters, though my hands stopped as my eyes caught this silly card..………...hahaha…..…..
think it's nearly 10 years old card. (can see it's age from faces on the terrace). I and a friend of mine were strolling around Piccadilly Circus in London, found this card at some ordinary card shop (maybe one in Trocadero), and no hesitation to buy it and exchange it together! Well, It's not about illustration, just love that somebody thought to illustrate and really illustrate it and someone had a go to at printing for commercial purpose and someone decided to sell it!

(Silly.......And add blur as am not sure current obscene standard in Japan. )

On the other hand in Japan, reminds me is Mr. Okuzaki of "The Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On", who scattered collaged porno pictures with Japanese royal family faces on it over streets from the roof of department stores and sentenced 1 year and 2 months in jail for charge of obscenity.…..Though very difference is he was dead serious with political purpose.…..

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Relaxed weekend + national holiday

Er, awoke to find it was already getting dark and chilly, gave up all plans I planed to do over weekend. I really love late Autumn...
On holiday Monday what woke me up at 3:00 pm was my mum bellowing from answer phone that she is coming around my flat to leave some veggies she grew on the way to or from somewhere!!!! So dashed away from my room or caught once by my mom, she would ask me (means order me) to eat out with her, which means I take her to some fantastic trendy restatement she dreams to be taken by her daughter according to the relationship she dreams to have with her daughter..
I often envy those whose parents’ lives far away. I gave her a dog a motor bicycle when
I parent house to live alone, and she found allotment garden to go with her dog by her bicycle for some garden vegetables and found to call me to come home to see her dog and to come around to give me vegetables…

Coming back to my room hours later to find a boxful of 4 large white radishes and large bunch of green leaves and some more.....I had lots of white radishes she left last winter so need new recipe to feel appetite them. Mmmmmmmmmmm… Steamed / Pan Fried turnip Cake is yummy and looks not so difficult!

Friday, November 21, 2003

Made of Straw

think sometime I know my head is made of straw, but now it's "often"

Last Sunday night, watched an ascetic monk training to Ajyari-san on NHK TV with strong impression. Ajyari is a name given to Tantric Buddhism monk completed 1000days Kaiho-do ascetic training of 30km walk in Mt. Hiei without interval for 1000days plus 9 days no food, no water, no sleep, no rest but reading scriptures.. I saw his eyes became empty as training went longer windows reflecting inside himself...

This morning, had an e-mail from my old friend and suddenly remembered that yes, I've seen this Ajyari guy with her some years ago. How could I forget it???

It was the year Okada-Japan national football team fighted for France in Asia tournament. She, my colleague holding JR Tokai Kyoto Club membership was looking for someone to go with her to an exclusive Kyoto tour for JR Tokai Kyoto Club member only called "experience Kaiho-do led by Ajyari-san" tour and was me who put hand up for just "exclusive something" not knowing deeply Kaiho-do and Ajyari-san. ( Seems JR Tokai Kyoto Club is offering many exclusively experience something in Kyoto tour.) This tour included one night stay at Mt. Hiei temple, dinner and breakfast in monk style, and wolking Kaiho-do course with Ajyari-san and was cheaper than one night stay at hotel.

Member of the tour was thirty-something people? mainly aged 40 - 50, quite religious but us who were only young other than few who came with their mothers .. Waking up 1:00am to have few rice bowls for breakfast and departing the temple 2:00am, Ajyari-san kept talking something on the way walking around in Mt. Hiei.....might be treasuring religious revelation.. but no space for listening his words to me because was so tough to walk in the dark mountain and was so sleepy for waking up time I go to bed that needed my concentration not to step out of cliffs. Eventually we came to destination somewhere top mountain and hard his talk again but was totally out of breath and tour was over.
Ah, if only I had watched this Ajyari guy on training on TV before this tour, I must have heard his talk much keener and would not forget him. I have no special religion bat value people having own faith.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Lady Joker in filming

"Lady Joker" a best-selling crime novel written by Kaoru Takamura, on of the best female writer in Japan, is now to be shot by Director Hideyuki Hirayama, starling with Tetuya Watari (Monoi-san) and new guy called Satoshi Tokushige, only 25 year old (Aida).
The story is, obviously hinted by Japan's Glico-Morinaga case , that a CEO of major brewery was kidnapped to be told the hostage was beverage and released, followed by lots dramas of kidnapped CEO, the brewery company, kidnappers, police, detectives and journalists...
Well plotted story though what outstanding of Takamura novels is every characters are obsessed and profound, reflected something deep in one's inner spirit. Mark's Mountain was disappoiting to me.
Hope those deep and dark sides are reflected in the cinema version this time.

Well, Another reason I concern this is because I just remembered that one dark and obsessed novel, Interview with the Vampire of Ann Rice was filmized to turn to Hollywood Entertainment horror by Warner Studios.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Had a chance to hear a talk of Tomoko Nanba, a founder and CEO of DeNA (Bidders Auction), known as one of Success women in e-business (other is Yoshimi Ogawa, CEO of Index Corp which is one of those developed Bowlingual.)

Against my biased image of hard-nosed business elite, sounded friendly and of humility toward everybody she met (or presented to sound so.....) with aura of Queen. No doubt she is incredibly logical and brainy, PLUS her distinction is she "looks" she is genuinely confident in other words, if someone asked her a job and she accepted it, one can have such a confidence for her to work her best for the best result and a confidence that one can definitely enjoy working with her that even if failed, could be convinced there was some reasons.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Otaka-san (DOI) resigns SDP leader

She must have been too tough days to support the SDP whi has given way already...Though if someone have to take face the consequence of the election, it must be rather Fukushima who blowed some her words in very SDP election broadcast.
May Otaka-san relux not have such a tense face from now on........

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

After Election Comments

Back from exhausted feeling last some days I had....
The outcome of the election was almost as I guessed. After narrow victory of the LDP on Monday morning, LDP merged Hosyu Shin-to (whose party-leader Kumagai was defeated) to make absolute majority. Many mavericks and small parties have been swallowed up after election shamelessly regardless of their election promises. This election is said the first time election with "election manifesto". The first time we are supposed to watch and measure politics based on "manifest" proposed during their election campaign. Although the governors of well-known high-tech Japan are so cool that they bans for parties from showing up their manifestos on the web. Good job. Wonder manifestos will be on the web after election so that we can check anytime we likes.

Another remark of this election was downfall of Syamin-to and Japan Communist party
who had backup by labor unions. Shamin-to which once rolled as one of two major parties to produce prime minister looks totally lost. It's clear that they are failing generation change as lots Japanese companies are failing even under storm of redundancy today. During and After election, I was impressed by Otaka-san (the leader Doi)'s tired but stubborn face as I see this face on many upper-middle aged Japanese salarymen who seems to think important themselves in the situation whereas I judge out-dated at first glance and think how to avoid those,,,in my office, business partners and elsewhere. I send cheers to Otaka-san though I don't support her.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Election Day

Just come back from voting of Lower House election of Japan today. There wasn't long queue at this small vote room of Shibuya-ku, so was easy job to pop in there, filled one person's name for single-seat constituency and one party's name for proportional representation in a couple of small papers and slip them in boxes. (Plus another paper and box for national review of the judges of the Supreme Court, but nothing to do as I know nobody of top court's justices.)
The result will be clear by tomorrow morning.
Irony of this election was, young resistance force against outdated system was adverted by Mr. Koizumi whereas Mr. Kan of Minsyu-to tagged with Mr. Ozawa (bolted out from LDP to form Sinsei-to turned Sinsin-to turned Jiyu-to and joined Minsyu-to for this election..) failed to promote smart promo words. Mr. Kan, Mr. Ozawa and Mrs.Doi of Syamin-to have been on stage years of political turmoil and are still there as leaders.
Watching broadcasts of partyfs political opinions, Minsyu-to and Syamin-to were talking just some detail thing they do such as making highway free and securing national pension system but failed to announce new clear view of their political direction even when they took coalition majority...
As always be Japan, no war! no Koizumi!...But who else could take the role of leader of Japan??

Thursday, November 06, 2003

CINEMA : Kill Bill Vol.1

It's coooooooooool Quentin Tarantino's sense of style.
And Ha ha ha! Uma THURMAN and Lucy LIU make conversation in Japanese!
Admirable for eyes of Japanese was Tarantino has deep understanding of Japanese B-class "Cyanbara" (Sword fight play). I must say that I had been so used that gang band were swept by the sword of hero and fade away in "Cyanbara" play, but the real was, as he shot, that blood spews out, parts of body are scattered and cut people groans loud. Along with stylish action, adding humanity touch was Uma Thurman’s facial expression that swung sensitively between strong willed and heart-hurt sensitive women.

Lucy LIU ‘s character was half Japanese and half Chinese American boss if Tokyo Mafia. She had two close aides; one was a half Japanese and half French lawyer woman and other was a mad high school girl (dedicated to Director Fukasawa? driven by understandable girlish anger.). Seems no Japanese women other than high school girl had appeal to Tarantino.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Pumpkin cooking

Until I had these pumpkins, pumpkin I knew was brown-orange vegetable to eat sold at grocery.. Am the last one who can cast eatable food away without guilt feeling, so I was sure to be going to cook it even though American friend of mine looked at me as if some alien when I asked how to cook and eat Halloween pumpkin.

Mmmm.....cutting the pumpkin for stewing in Japanese style to fined WAW! empty inside and yellow-fleshed!!......ahaaaaaaaa...far from appetizing...... Changed my mind to cook pumpkin soup...ahaaaaaaaa... this pumpkin skin had no taste!! Adding lots sugar in desperation, realized it was gonna to sweet like pumpkin pie. Yes, Pumpkin Pie! So adding egg and curry powder (only spice I had) and letting sit in oven for while, OK, had yummy yummy "mock" pumpkin pie. (with toast instead of Pie sheet.)

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Something wrong about comment box.

Mmmm..I can read comment from Private Account Management page of but they are not shown on my blog. Need something to repair but no idea what to do at moment..... (It’s just after national holiday today!)

Sunday, November 02, 2003

Prime Minister Speech

Although at any rate I am the last person to support the war and therefore I don't support anyone who supports person supporting the war, passing Shinjuku street near Yotsuya this afternoon, had a chance to listen speech of Mr. Koizumi, the prime minister of Japan, for coming election campaign.
He dose not mention much about his political plan as always, but says;
" Look Matsui, Ichiro, Nomo, they made great success in American."
(Yes they did...and are they something to do with your politics??)
"Japan's economy is recovering"
(Yes it is......after painstaking redundancy of many companies....)
"You know I am accused of not rising the VAT rate."
(Yes you are.....but it's the matter of inside your party.)
No matter how weird, just keeping to say what people think yes is the way to become the most popular prime minister in Japan.


Ah! just read Kakyo's "I THINK I'M IN BIG TROUBLE..." on Oct 31, I am too shocked and turned blue....

Indeed our company recently installed content filter system for monitoring all web access of employees from campany computers to check who's watching porno and date sites from office. Mmmuuuu.... need to be careful in case blog might be targeted too.......