Tuesday, October 21, 2003


As am a 30-something singleton, getting too drunk at hang-outs habit.....is one of top things on "not-do" of my resolution list....., haha…, need to spare more time for staying quietly at home to develop inner poise??

But sometime I have reason;

A fiend of mine who recently started cafe at Harajuku had serious and emergency management trouble so we hung out some bars and cafes after kid's hour at some quiet back street of Harajyuku area for help and idea desperately. Those bars and cafes are not cool and smart people outside might imagine but rather pop and shabby, nothing attractive but humanly people of various kind. As she talked her present trouble, People listened her seriously. Neither uncertain comment nor uncertain information, neither critical nor preach they spoke, asked some practical questions, some of them who had certain idea spoke and offered help and idea which really helped her. Even young people were such in a manner that knowing well what kind of help the troubled person would most helpful.

And been getting too drunk as always… Ahhhhhhh....