Thursday, October 23, 2003


(Going bracken field)

At Shinjyuku Toei. Directed by Hideo Onchi,

Narayamabushi-ko (The Ballad of Narayama) Kind Story.

In this poor northern mountain village of peasants where crops suffer from frost summer every few years, it's so hard to survive people that people over 60 must leave their house late spring and stay in a lodge up mountain where no food but bracken grows by. They are called bracken and walk down to the village for begging food. Their life is depend on how long they can make daily journey to the village.
Cruel? Depressing? No, indeed. Even no space to feel pity them. Those grandam and granmpa fully accept the fact they've got to give up food for their children and grandchildren and still enjoy vitally their survival life as if kids in summer camp. One tries to eat the dead body, one hunts animals (forbidden by Buddhism these days) this grandam is partial to this grampa and……….as season changes one by one get sick, dementia and die……. It was their fate that can't survive winter……. .Near the end, they have been dead, feel lighter and dance on stormy snow field together and chatting about next life. Was heartwarming.