Friday, October 03, 2003

California Wine Drinking Holiday : Oriental manner

During my holiday in SF where there has large population of Oriental residence and Napa, north of SF, old familiarized oriental female manner at encounter came back to me.

When oriental females encountered in town of foreign countries, what most likely happen is avoiding eye contact each other, trying not recognizing each other under psychological tense of recognition of presence each other. Suppose I was walking with some other oriental young women in town and saw a group of oriental young women of the same age (especially of FOB looking) came across, both group never made eye contact and pass by under tense as if glowering at each other, yet after keeping enough distance one of my company would say that Ah there is so many oriental...The other group must have been talking the same.

Not ever learning from somebody, we know this manner and behave the first time we stood abroad even as tourist.

This tense and ignoring were here and there and anywhere tourist place in SF. And in a small town of Napa where I stayed most of time, some oriental women who looked obviously having been married with White American still looked away on encounter to me. And so dose women of descendent generation of Asian American in appearance.

Interesting serious natural-born manner of oriental female.
(I wonder if oriental male and other Asian and else ethnics has the same manner?)