Thursday, October 02, 2003

California Wine Drinking Holiday : Impression of San Francisco

Hahhhhh... my Californian wine drinking holiday is over....

Sunrise from airplane window to SF
My request of watching the sunrise from cockpit was refused. JAL no longer admit passenger in the cockpit after ANA haijack.

Stepping out of San Francisco international airport on arrival of 20th Sept (my first step to America!) into hot dry air under Californian sun and blue sky, I immediately knew I love here and understood why people loves California.

Yes! anything on this red soil glitters by bright sunshine under clear blue sky yet at bay side California, cooling see breeze prevent from getting too hot. What component of climate make us feel fine? worm dry air, yes. blue sky, yes. dazzling sunshine, yes. cool breeze, yes. I wonder if all of them are essential or there some more to add and how human were made to feel such climate comfortable.... I wonder any scientist has already studied exactly scientifically what component of climate affect what's type of human's temperament. Comparing Californianism with of my native Tokyo and London I stayed while make me wonder.

Anyway, fine climate makes people fine. People I saw during my holiday looked fine, open-mind and relaxes no matter of easiness and difficulty of life. Nice to see and talk to such fine people.
I kept being said during my stay by people I talked that my English is good. (I know it means as my typical Japanese tongue and accent and typical Japanese tourist outlook of wearing Prada sport sunglass, either Joseph or DKNY T-shirt and Seven jeans. People dose not say so if I am really good.)
On reply I said, "Because I used study in London while. But I feel easier to speak to Californian."
Then they proudly talked, "Because Californian is used to talk to foreigners. If you go to Central America or Boston (or place varied with person) it would be more difficult to communicate."

And so made me fine too. Californian air and sun soon dried up years long sticking and growing moss inside my head and beaming sunlight disinfected my thought. Oh! how healthy!! Yahoooooooooo!

To me, the fact that San Francisco has the largest china town in America and large Japan town which mean a large population of Orientals (I use the word Oriental for Chinese, Korean and Japanese type people.) and has a large population of Mexican whose face has some affinity to oriental made me feel ever easier.. I saw local oriental standing, walking and working almost every corner of San Francisco downtown. Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants looked almost noting special.
How I can dislike there.