Friday, October 17, 2003

California Wine Drinking Holiday : Wine Tasting

Amazing was that every morning, it was thick cloudy, in so-called summer fog, means make me feel wanting to linger in bed. By the noon, cloud was just swept away and it was such blue sky and bright sun shine as always so there.

Neat Downtown Napa.

Running Napa valley up, vineyards spread over and here and there are winery house. Easy to Spot "tasting" and "tour" sign at winery gate and just drive in.

Tasting bar normally offers 4-5 tries for 4-5 dollars,(except some expensive). (Each try is less than quarter of wine glass, not much to get drunk at all.) I had a permanent tasting pass borrowed from a friend of mine and was not necessary to pay for.

Paying / showing the pass at the tasting counter, instantly lined in front are; a wine list, a wine glass, a glass of water and a wine- cooler-like vessel for throwing dislike wine in. On the list, wine names are listed in order to be chosen from top to bottom (Top is light white wine followed by red wine and the bottom is desert wine)

Off course those wineries offer tasting bar for selling their wines. Well, secret is it is not necessary to buy wines of full price at wineries but can buy them cheaper at downtown outlet shops such as JV and Trader Joe's. It was unbelievable that some not-bad-wine was as cheep as 2$!!