Friday, October 24, 2003

002 Tokyo Flash Mob

Good to me had another event to go early evening at Harajuku, after relaxed and calmed down myself at Cafe, went to in front of Condomania and found a piece of instruction paper there at 9:30 pm. Following the instruction, I walked to the overpass in front of Harajuku St. and 9:42 switched on my flashlight and waved it toward some trees for 3 minutes from the overpass. That's all.
Unlike other first time event, meeting or party, not necessary to worry if I could behave well like celebrity to be accepted. Just behaving what told in instruction among people I don't know and am a part of the event! Such a casual thing to join!
Apart from event impact, I guess this is why people love to join the flash mob around the world. Anyone tired of behave well among people must come and try next time!!!