Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Partly continuance of " A story about why I am no good at English"

A couple of emails from my friends in SF and Napa asking my schedule reminded me that within fortnight, I will be away to my late summer holiday, a wine drinking holiday at Napa under California Sun! yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
When I was much younger, I was dreaming of living in a mountain lodge with dogs and horses at somewhere high mountain after my retirement. Nowadays, I am inclining to fine beach and wine for my after-retirement companion. Napa must be one of the major candidates.

At Napa, I plan to stay at not my friend's house but a local family home allocated by a local English language school so that I can see real America as mush as possible during my first time short visit. Good idea isn't it!!…….........though am pretty nervous.

On opening my blog (the next exactly), I wrote that " A story about why I am no good at English (Part 1) “ which was to be continued yet not have written. I have never forgotten about it. The later part was to write the notorious Japan's English education I had at junior and high school but so hard is this topic is related to my dazed, confused and nauseous messed school days. Who said "Youth is beautiful"?

Well, Briefly, the point was that teachers and parents kept saying study English hard and your future stage will be opened to the world but they never had understood what dose mean to speak to communicate with foreign people. (They cannot be blamed. they hardly had saw foreigners by that time...) What they meant was no more than "memorize more vocabularies, pass exams with good mark...."
In order to just pass the foreign language paper test, minimum work required is knowledge of little translation tricks on paper and little vocabularies. (maybe no different from Latin study.) Naughty girl like me never paid attention to “sound” part of language just because I did not meet oral or hearing exams. The result was imbalance. Knowing many difficult words but could not pick up or speak simple spoken words. Very imbalance.

Strong imbalance is monstrous, I think.
Just imagine some mad scientist who has great knowledge and understanding but dose not have good communicate skill to people. Staying holed up in his lab alone and working hard, nobody understand what he's doing and pays attention to him. He might be awed one day when he made Franckenstein, but neither really befriended nor respected. If only he could ask someone how to tell people what's he is doing by simple words in understandable manner, yet such a simple thing is so difficult….the most difficult….
I hope that California Sun and Wine will help me!!