Sunday, September 14, 2003


Being put off due to backbone injury of Jon Anderson a week before original tour date in March, YES LIVES in JAPAN at Tokyo Kokusai Forum!!!
Ahh..., They are so aged, since the last live I saw. I can't remember when it was, They were called "Anderson Bradford Wakeman Howe" and lived at Nakano Sunplaza. A famous rock reviewer, Yukawa Reiko san was seated behind us and my friend changed her clothes after live because her mother didn't like her wearing rock T-shirt and jeans.

Well, I don't belong to major YES listener generation. I am much YONGER.
Though I have strong feeling to their music and so called progressive rock. At the time I began to listening rock music in my junior high school days, elder brothers of friends of mine, university students maybe, were listening and discussing these music and following their music style made me feel myself reaching up adult. These days, there were 3 music styles in my class room I think, majority were listening Matsuda Seiko and Johnny’s and concerning how to pass the Johnny’s Jr. school or some actor school audition. Some were always playing YMO and some were listening British and American rocks.
It was days of not CD but record. We had too little pocket money to buy records and not many radio programs were on foreign rock music. Few who had elder brothers having rock record collection were in high favour among rock fans.

So today's live, though I must say there was so long break between songs that I felt they played less song than I wanted, I know my demand is too much. Jon Anderson wearing cheep yellow shirt and light yellow-green soft jacket and bottom (they were luminous!)....still maintained clear voice and Rick Wakeman wearing glittering purple and silver gown still showed his legendary keyboard techniques. Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White played as hot as young.
YES’s unique music doesn’t fade away by age. Beautiful melody with complicated irregularity of tempo and tune in simple rhythm YES plays and played in front of me. I loved them sound clear and positive and still love.
I am satisfied.