Monday, September 15, 2003


It's Gosyuin from my local Shrine at their autumn harvest festival.
Back to Edo or Muromachi period when there was no photograph yet, temple pilgrims asked signature on small notebook to temples they visited as their visiting proof. The signature is called Gosyuin(Red stamp) and small notebook is called Gosyuin-cyo (Red Stamp book).
Nowadays, most temples and shrines still offer Gosyuin so I? use Gosyuin-cyo as my travel book. Showing my Gosyuin-cyo and asking for Gosyuin at their office they write their name and date of excellent handwriting work with their original stamp in front of my eyes. If you don?t have Gosyuin-cyo yet, you can buy it there.
Each Gosyuin costs 300-500 yen....not cheep but good memorial for my life.