Sunday, August 24, 2003

Summer Nostalgia

It's the summer day today!! I almost forget what's the summer day like after long rainy days this year. A lazy afternoon vivid contrast of glaring sun and cool shadow makes. Very nostalgic is the summer afternoon.

By the way, my blog beautification has shown some progress (even maybe toward mess!). I owe this progress very much to Ken Loo about his advice! I come to understand indeed it's NEVER difficult at all to use many features provided for blogging such as a comment box, a counter, link manager and more. All my surprise it was the matter of "copy and paste" to appropriate position in my template codes. To add these features, just go to the featuring sites, and those sites kindly ask the information I need to fill in then generated codes for my blog automatically!
Tags are totally strange language to me, (Though there are many comment words inserted, they are written in English which require me extra concentration to read as alphabets are not my native letters..) but I see now there are lots good automatic translators from and to tags. It's the good mutual culture.