Saturday, August 09, 2003

More Headaches

headache 1
Typhoon has gone! But I was soaked again as my favorite Ana Sui umbrella was broken by a blast of wind and rain while walking half way of crossing.….

headache 2
I tried to edit my comment box to hide unwanted information, but the apply button was gray which means I can't press it. I see…… costs me some for letting me edit my comment box template… Temporary I changed the template. But to pay for or not to pay………

headache 3
I still can't upgrade my BlogSpot to BlogSpotPlus....

headache 4
It’s fan to have a glimpse of a poisoned side of mind of someone I don’t know. It often points out the very truth. But Aug 07 of this one is boring as there is escape from reality that America used A-bombing twice in Japan by substituting the anger against Nanking Massacre and other sins of Japanese during the war for A-bombing. Even though there is some truth what Mr.Smeg pointed out, it’s the separate matter from the fact A-bombings were used by America at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and great number of innocent people died or suffered long their life. It is the right for those people to be memorized their agony and anger against A-bombing, as equal as massacred Nanking citizen has right to express their anger against Japan and victims of September 11 has right to express their anger to terrorism. As the human being, what can be helped by such insult against one’s grave sorrow? I can't imagine.