Thursday, August 07, 2003


(since soaked a couple of nights ago for watching Beckham.....)

headache 1
I am trying to upgrade my BlogSpot to BlogSpot Plus while I am waiting my boss for a meeting which was due to start 2 hours ago and have got this message:

Blog*Spot Plus ordering is currently under maintenance. Please try back later. Thanks.

headache 2

Yesterday there was a welcome drink party for a couple of temp people to our section of the office. There are always 4-5 young female temps who always sticking together and all of them including main guests together canceled the party....Although I as a tiny one of female workers wish to see other females around as self-fulfillment companions It's difficult to deal with these females who dose not response individually. (Yet each individuals clam that they must be given appropriate task to exhibit best of own abilities.…..)