Saturday, August 02, 2003


at IWANAMI Cinema, Jinbocyo, Tokyo.

No gun fights, no car chases, no artificial constructions, no cool talks, lots row meat eating, tow men in love with a girl, few murders, an evil spirit, a seduction, a runaway and return and forgiveness to all. This film focuses on the human life through a traditional legend of Inuit folks living in a sheer icy nature of the north Baffin region of the Canadian Arctic. I wonder if I should be pleased to find common themes with modern life, or if I should reflect that the human life has not changed much despite of great development of artificial circumstances in modern life?

Personally, I had the strong intimacy to Inuit folks because they have very north Asian faces. With icy landscape in the film, it brought my imagination to the Mongoloid ancestor’s journey of passing across the Baring Strait on foot chasing mammoths in the glacial age of 40 some thousands years ago and cruel history upon their descendants last some centuries.

The pictures of modern Inuit’s were displayed on the wall of the cinema’s lobby and say, “ They no longer live in a traditional style. (Of course like Japanese no longer live in Samurai style.) They live in well central heated house with 40 inches satellite TV and snow mobiles as a vehicle.” ……OK, I’ll put this region on an upper of my wish-to-live-in list!