Friday, July 25, 2003


Picked up first time this magazine of English community in Japan…interesting to read! I am sorry that the funniest Humor feature is not up on their web, titled "Summer Blockbusters Only in Japan" in which they are making up fun stories of stereotyped Japanese by mocking famous cinemas, such as;
Title: "Being David Beckham"
Story: "A young British English teacher in Japan is given the opportunity to experience the life of David Beckham when hundreds of Japanese women start telling him he looks exactly like the famous English soccer star even though he is a 200 pound 5'1 man with long brown hair and a beard." And more.

From my point of view, foreigners like to stereotype Japanese image. (Should I thank for their attention?) I have many occasions being told directly such stereotyped things.

For example, backing to my graduate time from the university in London, I told to a Physics professor whom I studied under that I would look for a job in Japan instead of taking PhD, he said "I thought Japanese females preferred to stay in UK."

It's difficult for me to understand why I am told such cynical mass images in person. For discussion purpose or for insult purpose? It makes me bewildered because, driven to figure out the intention behind by high-context cultural nature, I see no bingo or rather insulting as telling something negative directly to the outsider (anyone whom I don't feel close to yet) is out of Japanese polite manners.

My natural response for such uncertain occasion as the modest Japanese is simply to SMILE, so that I can avoid any unnecessary conflict until I can see the real motive behind to plan a strategy against. But I somehow know this SMILE irritate foreigners. OK, I avoid this response and see what else I can react.

・Getting upset is far from smart.
・Ignoring might be cool, but not the solution.
・I see some Japanese just agree with the stereotypes and criticize them with foreigners..... No reason to flatter foreigners.
・Assertive person may ask why you say it to me..... Well, I might try one day, though it’s not gonna to a cool conversation…….That is, I must accept I am better off leaving from reading thoughts and fashioning the styled conversation in the communication to outside the womb of my native Japan. (until I can plan another cool strategies! ..still sticking to the strategy)