Thursday, July 31, 2003

another slow life

Right now, I am writing to update a bulk Japanese manual of imported non-sexy network appliance because of no budget to ask for a professional manual writer. This gadget is to sit quietly on a shelf of one of racks in rows in a cool server room behind security door after security door and works something for the stream of e-mails and browsing contents, so called network traffic. Supposing how many appliances are there in the racks, no one would pay attention to each manual of them...OK. It would just be used as a sales talk tool for this imported product to the Japanese market. ' Yes, we supply the Japanese manual. This world-wide cutting edge product is at your hand with totally Japanese supports and so on.'

Editing now my own writing, I see how bad is my messed Japanese, which is faaaar from clear and simple. No wonder I am bad at language thing and my life is slow.
Interesting is if I record my talking a long and listen it then.........