Thursday, July 31, 2003

another slow life

Right now, I am writing to update a bulk Japanese manual of imported non-sexy network appliance because of no budget to ask for a professional manual writer. This gadget is to sit quietly on a shelf of one of racks in rows in a cool server room behind security door after security door and works something for the stream of e-mails and browsing contents, so called network traffic. Supposing how many appliances are there in the racks, no one would pay attention to each manual of them...OK. It would just be used as a sales talk tool for this imported product to the Japanese market. ' Yes, we supply the Japanese manual. This world-wide cutting edge product is at your hand with totally Japanese supports and so on.'

Editing now my own writing, I see how bad is my messed Japanese, which is faaaar from clear and simple. No wonder I am bad at language thing and my life is slow.
Interesting is if I record my talking a long and listen it then.........

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

the way to blogger

Updating several messed memos gives a simple creature like me the next ambition of adding photos,,,, no! it seems to cost $50 a year for extra photo space on the server. Ah, It’s not about the money. The resistance is ....I became a blogger because it looked easy to create, no programming things and absolutely free. The second one soon turned to false by added a comment box and making font size change to my style sheet and I am gonna to broke the third one too. Feeling cheated, though I am enjoying very much. OK, it’s the way from a beginner to blogger.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Monday morning

At 10 o'clock this morning I attended a new project meeting.�@The project itself had been carrying out well by another section in the company and now I was there to give assistance to them from my section.�@Anyway I see, this new one is gonna to be the joint work with people who schedules weekly meeting at 10 o'clock on Monday morning.
No more Monday morning struggle against sweet temptation to dial my office to tell my day off.

Sunday, July 27, 2003


In the yesterday’s seminar, one speaker pointed in his talk about taking MBA, that some types of Japanese students write excellent essays taking hours but cannot shape and speak his or her thought in seconds in the oral discussion. Oh well, mind me! And he continued how it is important to speak out our thoughts as they are ALWAYS valuable for listeners.......

Saturday, July 26, 2003


This afternoon, I was sitting on a well cushioned chair in a dark and air-conditioned hall listening a carrier development seminar my friend worked for organizing. All talks and discussions are stimulating given by interesting people except one who was, well actually, interesting too! But, despite of his powerful talk, I just could not help falling into deeeeeep sleep during entire his talk and it was his talk only. Any hypnotic effect there?

Friday, July 25, 2003


Picked up first time this magazine of English community in Japan…interesting to read! I am sorry that the funniest Humor feature is not up on their web, titled "Summer Blockbusters Only in Japan" in which they are making up fun stories of stereotyped Japanese by mocking famous cinemas, such as;
Title: "Being David Beckham"
Story: "A young British English teacher in Japan is given the opportunity to experience the life of David Beckham when hundreds of Japanese women start telling him he looks exactly like the famous English soccer star even though he is a 200 pound 5'1 man with long brown hair and a beard." And more.

From my point of view, foreigners like to stereotype Japanese image. (Should I thank for their attention?) I have many occasions being told directly such stereotyped things.

For example, backing to my graduate time from the university in London, I told to a Physics professor whom I studied under that I would look for a job in Japan instead of taking PhD, he said "I thought Japanese females preferred to stay in UK."

It's difficult for me to understand why I am told such cynical mass images in person. For discussion purpose or for insult purpose? It makes me bewildered because, driven to figure out the intention behind by high-context cultural nature, I see no bingo or rather insulting as telling something negative directly to the outsider (anyone whom I don't feel close to yet) is out of Japanese polite manners.

My natural response for such uncertain occasion as the modest Japanese is simply to SMILE, so that I can avoid any unnecessary conflict until I can see the real motive behind to plan a strategy against. But I somehow know this SMILE irritate foreigners. OK, I avoid this response and see what else I can react.

・Getting upset is far from smart.
・Ignoring might be cool, but not the solution.
・I see some Japanese just agree with the stereotypes and criticize them with foreigners..... No reason to flatter foreigners.
・Assertive person may ask why you say it to me..... Well, I might try one day, though it’s not gonna to a cool conversation…….That is, I must accept I am better off leaving from reading thoughts and fashioning the styled conversation in the communication to outside the womb of my native Japan. (until I can plan another cool strategies! ..still sticking to the strategy)

Friday, July 18, 2003

CINEMA: City of God

watched at new Virgin Cinema Roppongi, Tokyo.
A nonfunctional story of Brazilian slum children inevitably involved in gang life of drugs and guns. This film's brutal side has been well reviewed by media already. But what strike me most was not that kid's violence life but chains of consequences of poor mind behind their catastrophic violence. Kids mindlessly hurt others emotionally and physically. Because kids get used to be hurt, they never hold back from hurting others. Guys hardly get out from these chains. And why they are so particular among poor towns on the globe?

Thursday, July 17, 2003

A story about why I am no good at English (Part 1)

I start my blog in English, not my native Japanese. Challenging!
Obviously, I am no good at English communication at all, in spite of a long study history since junior high school days. (and I've got my Bachelor's in UK.) Keeping expressing things by not own language makes me fell very upset, uneasy, uncomfortable... But what has been disturbing me to develop my English communication??

I get nervous when I am unsure if I am expressing in English in the way people can understand what I intend and if I am understanding what people mean to imply in their words. The nervousness seems to arise from some lost feeling of something to be shared with others, of which I naturally feel as a part of communication.

You may just laugh that it is just a typical high context culture, high uncertainty avoidance. Yes That's true, but.....what it means to me?

One old example, Kyoto, old Japanese town has their own language manner. If I linger at local Kyoto town house too long and asked if I would like to have some bubuzuke( sort of a light meal) by native Kyoto, it means I am asked to be leaving. Such a sophisticated manner to remind someone something. If I really eat some bubuzuke there, my unsophisticated manner will be backbitten forever.

There are manners of this kind in every communities, religions, generation and gender among Japanese world. We are expected to be sharing the manners with people we communicate so that good communication means to behave well these manners.

And there also something about feeling and opinion too. I wonder, how often, we say a word like " you see." or "isn’t it." to expect sharing one's feeling or opinion with others. Say, if there is something happen on her or someone said something to her and she get irritated, disturbed or disagree, She will get out nothing there, coming back to her friends or any group she thinks she belongs, she will tell the story and say, " see", skipping to express her felling and opinion.

Of course she dose not necessary to tell the conclusion which is obvious to her to be deduced from the same experiment by everybody. (And she will be safely healed by her image of share of the feeling.) Are we so like the conformist or the collectivist? But such notions do not matter indeed as long as she is surrounded by the same mannered people.

I am no mean to criticize these. These are my culture. But as to make foreign language communication, I regret that I was never aware, never conscious of my cultural nature in comparison with another cultures on the globe. I must say that I used to mistake my culture against foreign cultures for popular typical Japanese images, which were just surface witnessed by other cultures.

I remember, one Sunday afternoon of my first time UK stay, spending cozy time at my friend' large room with some other girls in a hall of residence which was converted from a old manner house or some big house and had some of rooms really nice, we realized it's dinner time already, and she said gracefully "OK girls, I've got some chocolates.”

Other girls but me excited " Yes! Chocolates!" I alone, on the other hand, was busy to seal my disappointment. (From my conformist nature, I could not disturb other girl's feeling.) One reason I disappointed was that I didn't know at the time, by habit in UK high tea instead of dinner is eaten on Sunday evening whereas the sunday dinner is taken as more important to me. The other is, by my Japanese ideology at the time, chocolate was just a sweet, a kiddy sweet (because as it was still on way of the shift from Japanese traditional to the westernized, young generation ate western sweet and older generation preferred Japanese sweet.) and eating sweets before dinner is a bad manner. So much I was lost. It seemed they shared something about the word chocolate which I do not know. Such image could make me of the high-uncertainty avoidance collectivist feel lost in the situation.

Phew, quite enough long already. Later part will be continued.

Monday, July 07, 2003

is a Japanese famele, working in IT field for some years.

It happen to me this realization that I am not THINKING at all.
I' ve got some knowledge about technologies someone innovated and developed and I can sort out troubles caused by someone's mess, by which I might look like expertized. But after all they are just skills.
So I start to write.